Download and use Office 2016 for FREE without a product key

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Office 2016 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, succeeding Office 2013. New features of Office 16 include the ability to manage and work with files in Microsoft OneDrive from the lock screen, a powerful search tool for support and commands called “Tell me” and co-authoring mode with users connected to Office Online.

Download original Office 2016 ISO

You can get the latest version of Microsoft Office 2016 here if you don’t have it. Once your download is complete, you need to extract the original ISO image from the zip file. You will be left with a file named “SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2016_W32_English…” (W32 here in the filename refers to the 32-bit version, if you download the 64-bit version, the filename will contain 64Bit instead). Although an ISO file is used to burn CD or DVD, you can install Office 2016 without burning it using 7-zip or similar archive software utility. Here is what you get after extracting the ISO file.


Installing Microsoft Office 2016

Simply run the setup file (named setup.exe) to install Office on your Windows.



Note: By default, Office will be installed in C:\Program Files.



Activate all versions of Office 2016 for FREE permanently

Supported products:

– Microsoft Office Standard 2016
– Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Step 1: Copy the following code into a new text document.

Create a new text document.


Step 2: Paste the code into the text file. Then save it as a batch file (named “1click.cmd”).


Step 3: Run the batch file as administrator.


Please wait…




Check the activation status again.

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84 thoughts on “Download and use Office 2016 for FREE without a product key

  1. boo

    Works for me. Thank you so much! I downloaded the MS office in this website and follow the instructions to activate it. Works fairly well. Again, thank you!

    1. Yasmmm

      YOO, this isnt working for me. After running the 1click.cmd it says that the version of office i have isn’t suitable and to follow a certain link to download the latest office , after doing this – it still didn’t work. any help , im running windows 10

  2. Lorre

    Hey i did everything as you described but when i try to run the setup, this error pops up:

    Setup can’t find or validate an installation file. Please try reinstalling Office from your installation source, or if you installed from a downloaded package, please re-download and reinstall. If you continue to have problems, please contact Microsoft of your administrator.

  3. M.G

    it’s works ?
    it’s worked?
    it is working?
    great let me put it in the easy way.
    My activation issue is solved.

    1. gabriel

      eres el puto amo, realmente me funciono. soy un programador con poca experiencia pero realmente quiero aprender lo que tu haces. quisiera saber como aprendiste esto para poder hacerlo yo , es decir se que es necesario saber de xml y sobre cmd pero se que algo se me escapa, ¿como supiste que archivo xml editar?
      ¿y como sabias que archivo vbs tenias que abrir?, realmente estoy impresionado me encanta la programacion pero este tipo de cosas escapan a mi entendimiento

    1. winz

      bro it is still activating by now…just look at the step 1 you can see THE FOLLOWING CODE was highlightened just click it to open, after you click it then you can see RAW at the right side and click it, and then copy all those contents and paste it just what the procedure is

  4. Mr annonymous

    failed… It doesnt work anymore like before as MR Office must have blocked it. I made it work through KMSPICO… got too many bugs though.

    1. winz

      bro it is still activating by now…just look at the step 1 you can see THE FOLLOWING CODE was highlightened just click it to open, after you click it then you can see RAW at the right side and click it, and then copy all those contents and paste it just what the procedure is

  5. mayra

    thank you very much!!!!!
    it works, i just had to uninstall all the files from micrsoft came with my laptop clean up my system and donwload office2016 from your link after that everything was piece f cake!!!!

    a big thank you my respects to you!!! God Bless You 🙂

  6. mohamed

    Hi ! i have an issue an i got this message when i open the *.cmd …
    An error occurred while making the connection.
    Error code: -2147023836

  7. VIC

    IT WORKED FINE!!! WONDERFULL!!! Please could you prepare an SPANISH LANGUAGE PACK??? I tested a lot of different languages pack along the net… but none worked…

    Thank you very much in advance…
    With Kindly Regards!!!

  8. salih

    I installed O365ProPlusRetail.img on my computer. I made the activation successful with 1Click.bat. But I could not understand that I was not active.

  9. George

    Thank you so much! It worked 100% for me. My activation expired and I couldn’t continue with my thesis, until I found this tutorial. You saved me!

  10. Shahira

    I have followed your instruction for activate Microsoft Office 2016 step by step. it gave me at the end that (Product activation successful) but when I opened Microsoft Word, or Excel, or any Office program, it gave me the message (your subscription has expired, it asks me again for activation. I restarted my laptop, but the same happen.
    Could you please have any solution. I need to activate as soon as possible.
    Thank you

    1. Mihai

      I heve the same problem. I followed all the steps in the instructions and apparently worked, but not really. The softwere was not activated. Can someone please help me?

  11. Ben Swolo

    Hey MSGuides,
    I am not a native English speaker, that’s why I would like to download a language pack. But when I try installing it, it isn’t working.
    Can you provide the language packs too?
    Apart from this small problem, it’s working perfectly fine 😀

  12. Abhishek

    I have done the same thing which you said to do but it is still showing me that “your subscription has expired”.
    What to do now?

    1. Rahul Karmakar

      It shows the same for me. Maybe the latest Office 365 update did such thing. Any other way to activate it would be much appreciated.

  13. Andrew G. Krah

    Thanks a million for your education materials on the web educating us who need them the most to help us perform our IT duties from our various work places. I just the windows10.cmd file and my windows 10 got activated instantly. GOD BLESS……


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